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Strategic and financial advice

Valere combines strategic and financial advice with management on behalf of shareholders and direct ownership. We are focused on creating lasting value for owners and businesses. Valere is run by Sverre Juraj Refsum, who has extensive experience as an advisor to European leading listed and private consulting companies.

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VALERE (latin)

«Become strong, become better, become worth»

These are values we want to fulfill for our clients

Valere assists in the work of planning and realizing growth, restructuring and business transfers. We assist and lead the work of preparing and implementing:

  • Transaction advice

  • Business sales

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Reorganization and restructuring

  • Refinancing

  • Negotiations

  • Valuations

  • Investment analysis

  • Strategic alliances and partner search

  • New establishments

  • Strategy development

How do we work?

Valere combines fact-based analyzes with well-thought-out and well-established involvement of key people in the business. Good decisions are made based on insight and knowledge about the business and the industry in which a business operates. At the same time, we take into account that it is the people in a business that create the lasting values.

Valere uses recognized frameworks and methods to set strategic direction and contribute to operational improvement and development. We view each client as unique, and therefore adapt both involvement and methodology to the individual company's needs.

At Valere, we respect our customers and their challenges. We have experienced that there are no simple answers to complex business decisions. As an advisor, it is our responsibility to contribute to the identification of the key value drivers, the best solution and at the same time alternative solutions.

Valere assists and leads the work of preparing and implementing:

Transaction advice

We provide professional advice in connection with the acquisition and sale of companies, mergers and partner searches. We combine industrial understanding, financial knowledge, creativity and resilience to maximize the value for our clients.

Corporate Divestments

Good preparation can be absolutely crucial to the outcome of a business sale. We will help you to get an overview and categorize documents, information and value drivers that may be of interest to a potential buyer. Valere assists you with professional advice in both the preparations, valuation, negotiations and follow-up processes.

Mergers and acquisitions

When a company is facing a merger or acquisition, a number of challenges can arise and demand resolving in the best possible way. Valere has the expertise and experience needed to help you with this. We can assist you with everything from valuation, negotiations, contract work and reports to strategy development and tactical assessments.

Reorganization and restructuring

In the event of a merger or acquisition, there will naturally be a need for a restructuring in the company. We can assist your company throughout the entire merger process and reorganization process until the new organization is in place.

Strategic alliances and partner searches

We assist clients who are looking for the right strategic partner for their company. We can help with the search itself, as well as with the process of entering into a strategic alliance or financial partnership. We use our industry knowledge, experience and large network of contacts to ensure the best possible match.

New establishments

We assist entrepreneurs with the establishment of a new company and everything that comes with it. We will help you lay out a strategy for a profitable further development of the company. We can also assist in the work of mapping which support arrangements your newly established company can apply for or are entitled to. Together we will lay the best foundation for further success.

Strategy development

Developing a strategy requires both analytical skills and experience. We have both. Strategy is about making conscious choices, and this is where we help you to become more confident. Who do you want to be? What do you want to stand for? Who and how many are your potential customers? How do you want to convey your message? Who are your competitors? Together we develop a strategy that supports your company's core values.


Refinancing involves replacing existing debt with a new and better loan, equity or other financial instruments. The goal is to ensure your company better finances and liquidity. Refinancing can save your business a lot of money if done properly. Valere helps you with this.


Negotiations are not everyone's biggest strength. This is where Valere comes in. We can negotiate on your behalf in various situations. Our knowledge and varied industry experience have made us into strong negotiators who always come well prepared with the right arguments ready.


A valuation gives you valuable information about your business and company's market value today. This is basic information to have in connection with, for example, business sales, mergers, demergers or issues and refinancing. Valere has the competence to perform thorough value assessments on behalf of your company.

Investment analysis

Are you considering making an investment? An investment analysis forms a decision basis that gives you important information. The impact of investments on the company's finances in the future naturally depends on internal factors, but also to a large extent on external factors that the company itself does not control. We will help you map these and advise you on which investments you should and should not make.

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